Fresh Fruit (We are not a U-Pick. Picking limited to Tasting & Tour dates only.)

Harvest Calendar

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All dates are approximate and decided by Mother Nature.sun-g


Call 408.782.7600 to set-up a fresh fruit subscription.


Fruit is picked at its peak and delivered to your door the next day.

  • Individual Order (one-time) 
  • Fresh Fruit Subscriptions – Our subscription allows you to receive weekly deliveries of our award-winning, tree-ripened fruit during the summer months. Express mail service delivers the finest and freshest California grown fruit directly to your door overnight.
    • 4 weeks
    • 8 weeks

Heirloom Fruits

Andy’s Orchard is a small fruit grower committed to growing and marketing fruits of superior quality. Heirloom fruits are still found at some fruit stands, farmers’ markets and specialty markets. These venerated fruits from the past have distinctive, old-fashioned flavors but are rapidly disappearing from many markets and have become increasingly harder to find elsewhere. Such is the case with the ‘Blenheim’ apricot, the quintessential apricot with its rich, aromatic flavor but delicate texture. It is being replaced by very firm, mass-produced fruit with visual appeal but often without much flavor. Other old favorites that we continue to grow are ‘Santa Rosa’ plums and ‘Elberta’ peaches.

*(H) next to the fruit variety indicates it is an Heirloom