Event Calendar – We are not a u-pick. Picking is limited to Tasting & Tour dates only.

Visitors who travel from San Francisco into the Santa Clara Valley can no longer view the vast stretches of orchards and vineyards which once graced this fertile region.  The old farmsteads have given way to Silicon Valley’s high tech industrial parks, strip malls, and housing developments; only a handful of orchards remain to carry on the rich tradition of fruit culture in the valley.

Andy’s Orchard isn’t fancy or modern, but we feel it’s a special place where the old art of fruit growing is being practiced with pleasure in much the same manner as it was done many years ago.  If you are in the neighborhood, you’re invited to share our enthusiasm for fine fruit.

Tour & Tasting – Cherries & other stone fruits


Our Tastings are enjoyed by fruit experts, connoisseurs, and customers who simply want to taste and decide for themselves what varieties they like.  Our Tours consist of our farm stand, the store/museum, the orchard, and the packing and drying facilities.  It will cover the history of fruit, history of agriculture in the Santa Clara Valley, fruit growing, marketing, & varieties.  Your guide will lead you on your Harvest Walk through the orchard.  You’re welcome to savor firsthand the various fruits that are ripe at the time.  You’ll receive a bucket to pick your favorites.  The bucket is then carried back to our farm stand for weighing and purchase (fruit is priced per pound).  It is a really fun way for customers to partake of some of the finest and freshest fruits available anywhere.


(All tours begin at 10:00 am)

Sunday, June 16th (Father’s Day) – CHERRIES

Sunday, July 7th – APRICOTS

It is with great pleasure that Andy’s Orchard announces a very special guest appearance by centenarian (106 yr old), Evelyn Buck.  Ms Buck has an apricot named after her, the Evelyn Apricot, and her jams will be available for purchase during this Tour & Tasting event.  Very exciting!

Andy’s Orchard is pleased to announce that we will have author, Lisa Prince Newman, on site for a book signing of her book, “ For the Love of Apricots: Recipes and Memories of the Santa Clara Valley.”  If you love apricots, then you’ll really love her cookbook which includes over 60 recipes that range from Breakfast to Cocktails and use all forms of apricots — fresh, dried, preserves, and liqueurs. Lisa also weaves in the history of apricots in California as well as her memories of growing up in the Santa Clara Valley when orchards stretched in all directions.

Saturday, July 20th – STONE FRUITS 


Our very special guest, centenarian Ms Evelyn Buck who is turning 107 years old in a few weeks, will grace us with her presence for a 2nd appearance♥♥♥.  And folks, she has more jam for purchase!!  How lucky are we?!!

Saturday, August 3rd – STONE FRUITS

Sunday, August 11th – STONE FRUITS

*These events are subject to the weather and the availability of fruit on the day of the event*